Wednesday, 5 December 2012


UHHHHH???!!!???!!!!! WAAAA???!!!!???

Sightseers Poster

Director: Ben Wheatly

Genre: Pathetic

OVERALL PRIYA RATING: A waste of my time / 10

Ermmmm... Let me start by saying


Ok, now that I've released my hour and a half worth of pending frustration here goes.

A British bonkers movie about a couple who go on a caravan holiday where things take a messy, bloody, serial killing turn for the worst.

I can't believe this has got a 7.4 review on IMDb. I mean, are we even talking about the same movie here?

The comedy wasn't funny, it was filthy and forceful. The plot was hideous and the actors should find a new job selling fish or polishing shoes!!

Help me God if I see another movie on lines with this one!
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