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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 The Movie

Starring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattison, Taylor Lautner

Director: Bill Condon

Genre: Romance, Action, Drama

OVERALL PRIYA RATING: 8/10 Taylor Launter!!! Save me!!!

Taylor Lautner's Body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help me I'm fainting. I could fry omelettes on those abs!!! And when he starts stripping!!!!! Phew!!! (Touch me I'm steaming!) I just wished he was commando while stripping!!! That would've made my day.

But while searching for his hot naked picture.... I came across this (HAHA) It  made my day!!!


Ok, now that I've had a breath of fresh air, let me get back to reality. Enough about my dream hotty. 

A brilliant grand finale to the Twilight Saga. I sort of preferred this part to any of the previous ones. Great graphics and a stunning ending. I seriously can't understand why Rotten Tomatoes would give a 51% rating to this movie!

Quite a few shockers in the final battle with the Voltorie. The cry of the wolves made me weep too :( (Especially wolfy Jacob's whine) However I do not want to spoil it for my peeps. So shall keep hush hush.

Bella and Edwards daughter Renesmee is cute as a baby, but can barely act as a young child!!! Though very beautiful and resembles Bella in a freakishly close way. (Maybe its Kristen and Roberts secret love-child) But how could they name her after the Loch Ness Monster?? (Nessie - her nickname)
Loch Ness Monster

Sometimes I wish I had a special power like the vampires. I think mine would be seducing men and poisoning them with a kiss = the kiss of death! (Ok I think I'm back in dreamland again!)

Kristen has finally learnt to act, and looks lovely as a mature mother. Better than in the previous films. 

And the two gorgeous Amazonians!!! If I were a boy, I'd hook up with one of them! 

Word of advice. First day first show is not a good idea without booking your seats!!!!!

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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 The Movie


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